How To Ignore Criticism

How To Ignore Criticism

Criticism is something we cannot avoid, people are very critical of everyone else. As humans we are very critical of on one another, it is in our nature to be jealous of others, we criticize to make ourselves feel better, we do it to make people change, and lastly we criticize because we don’t like others who are different. Everyday someone is criticizing someone else but do not acknowledge that they are actually being rude towards the person they are criticizing. There are two types of criticism one is being rude and the other is constructive, too bad most people choose not to be constructive.

I have been criticized a lot, writing is not one of my strong suits and I understand that, that’s why before I post any of these articles I have them edited by multiple people. However, even when I get criticized I ignore it, because I know what others say about me does not matter. People can tell me how they feel about my writing, or my dreams to do something great. Then I ask what their dreams are and they cannot even tell me something. I work hard at making my writing better and improving it every week with these blog posts. The only form of criticism I will ever acknowledge is constructive criticism because after they are done they offer a solution. A solution that can actually benefit me and what I am doing, instead of saying “you should stop writing” they would say “you struggle at writing I see, but here are some ideas to help fix that.” Now I can use those ideas to my benefit and make myself grow.

People that criticize you should drive you, I love when people tell me 100 reasons why something will not work but I look at the 1 reason why it will and run with it. That 1 reason and your mindset change will make you grow because you will struggle and learn along the way. The journey is part of the fun; it makes the ending so much more worth it. People are going to be jealous of what you are doing because you are doing what you want and being successful at it. I helped Laura Petersen become a best-selling author, I was told you shouldn’t do that unless you are being paid. However, I did not want to be paid I wanted the experience to step out of my comfort zone and do something different.

People will never understand what you are doing until you become successful, they will only look at your failures and tell you to stop. But those don’t matter because you will have successes and only pay attention to those and ignore everyone else. As long as your mindset is right and you tell yourself you will succeed then exactly that will happen you will succeed.

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