Why To Get In Touch With The Chamber of Commerce

Why To Get In Touch With The Chamber of Commerce

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing” – Henry Ford

The Chamber of Commerce is a board of some of the most influential people in the business world, within every community.  While doing work for a sales project, I once met with two major executives within the Davenport Chamber of Commerce, and here is what I learned. The Chamber is filled with people, who everyone in business should know. They are up to date on current events, and are a huge resource of open, unpublished jobs within the community and within the Chamber itself. I participated in two meetings with Chamber executives, in which I learned about the Chamber’s main objectives.  My first meeting was with the Executive Director of Downtown and the second with the Head of Talent Retention.

I learned that the goal of the talent retention organization is to keep young professionals in the area and provide them with all the necessary resources to succeed locally. The Head of Talent Retention, Greg, told my group that if a young professional wanted to bring franchise into the area, the Chamber would find a way to assist him/her in bringing the franchise to the area. Greg also discussed the large amounts of networking events in the area, created to connect young professionals with mentors of successful companies around the city. These networking events are normally casual, relaxed after-hour events and give you the opportunity to have discussions with people in a variety of industries.  These events are great for anyone who wants to expand their network and move forward in their career. So when a young millennial is looking for a job, they can turn to their local Chamber of Commerce and see what networking events are scheduled. These are great opportunities to get in front of influencers in their area.

Kyle, the head of Downtown Development in Davenport, wants to keep helping the entrepreneurs within his community. Kyle just opened up a brand new arcade bar in Downtown Davenport and will be turning profit very soon. He has brought in consulting companies to help talk to young entrepreneurs about starting new ventures within Davenport. If you are thinking about starting a business, many cities have companies to help you, from writing a business plan to helping find money for a startup. A company recently opened, to develop co-working spaces in Davenport. This is a business that has an open room with Wi-Fi, tables, chairs, and access to many more amenities. These spaces are perfect for start-ups because it is cheaper than owning your own building and without the distractions of a local coffee shop. The moral of the story is go out and network – get in touch with your Chamber of Commerce. This can help you become successful in business and they have the resources you need. Chambers want to bring out the entrepreneur from within and they will help you succeed. Additionally, if you’re seeking guidance on creating essential documents such as paycheck stubs, explore resources on how to make paycheck stubs for a seamless financial management strategy. If you’re considering your financial future, exploring IRA investing options might be a wise move.


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