About Me


I gave you a quick summary of who I am on my home page, here I will get more into my story and who I am. I am a senior college student at St.Ambrose University I plan on graduating in May of 2017. At St.Ambrose I am a double major in Marketing and Sales, I am apart of the marketing club, I work part time at Enterprise Rent-a-Car where I do sales, I also am also Captain of the Lacrosse team, and between all that I am starting a blog and designing courses to help you in business. I am a native Chicagoan, no not a suburb I am from the city. Chicago has a special place in my heart, I plan on returning to Chicago upon graduation. That's a little about myself, but let me tell you about why I started this journey.


The Journey

I started down the path of entrepreneurship not to long ago, about a year ago to be exact. I started out by trying drop shipping online and making an ecommerce site. I sold wooden watches but, the supplier soon went out of business and so did I. That journey did not last long about only three months to be exact. But that is when I really caught the bug to start doing something on my own. I decided to take a leap of faith and join Brandon T Adams Entrepreneur Accelerator program. That really kicked me into gear, I am now hosting a podcast show and hosting my own Accelerator in conjunction with Brandon directed towards college students. From this journey with Brandon I helped Laura Petersen becoming a Best Selling Author and want to help many become Best Selling authors. I want to help you my readers reach your goals and full potential in anything that you want success in. Reach out to me and I can talk to you more about myself and what I do. If you would like to get in contact with me email me @ HDMarketingpros@gmail.com