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I am very lucky through all my years my life has had so many ups and downs in the past ten years that no one would even believe my story. But even with all these ups and downs these three things have always stayed in my life and that’s family, friends, and fun. This crazy thing we call life can really make us forget about our loved ones in our life. You need to take a step back and look around, too many of us keep running around without calling our parents or friends. We need to take time for ourselves otherwise you will burn out, remember to take time for yourself to unwind and reset.
This past Sunday was Superbowl Sunday which minus well be a holiday in America, it’s a day where people get together and watch 200 pound men hit each other for hour and a half. Many Americans will make a day of this having family over or friends and unwind. We need to remember just like many Americans we all need to unwind and relax, that includes myself. On Superbowl Sunday I still, recorded 2 podcast episodes because that’s what I do Sundays, but after I spent time with my friends. This time is very valuable to me because instead of reading a productivity book or learning new social media marketing techniques I was able to sit down and watch a sport I love. I still remember when I was younger I use to call my uncles make one dollar bets on games, then another dollar on over under scores. Being able to sit down with friends and watch it help me get ready for another week of grinding, doing a bunch of a different things.
Everyone needs to learn to take a step back and spend valuable time with your family and your friends because it’s good for the soul. If we always get caught up grinding or running around, we will not enjoy the life around us. Don’t get me wrong I love the grind and the journey but I remember that I need to make time for my family and friends. Just because all you see is videos of other entrepreneurs telling you to work 24/7 365 doesn’t mean give up valuable time with your family to pursue money, because those times with our family won’t always be there and the economy will grow larger in the meantime.
When you make time for having fun with family and friends it gives you time for actually your mind time to relax. If you ever see Grant Cardone’s Instagram lives he is always with his family because he knows that hang out with his daughters will do him good in the long run and short run of his business. So next time you debate on going to your friends house for a little bit or going to see your family do it. If you can make it work do it, your friends will understand when you truly cannot come, but if you can go see them, your soul will thank you.


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