“Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious.”- Rachel Wolchin

Forbes writer Steven Berglas’ number one reason young people should have mentors is “Mentors are inspiring and motivate you to pursue your goals.” Mentors are people that we should try to get on the phone with once a week, talk to them about business and family, you will learn more then you could ever imagine. I currently have found three mentors, Brandon T Adams is the one that finally got on me to get my blog together to help offer value to you every week and the other two are in the medical device industry. The reason I found the two mentors in the medical device field is because I want to own a medical device company and then get into consulting once I am an established salesman. I have seen medical devices make lives easier my grandfather has two knee replacements and my grandma has a hip replacement. Anyway back to mentors, they are people who want to see you succeed and will tell you when you are making good decisions, they are also not afraid to tell you when you are making bad decisions. Steven Berglas’ has six more reasons young people should have mentors here are the other six:

  1. Mentors epitomize the phrase, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know,” by opening up the right doors.
  2. Mentors provide information that you often can’t digest by reading a book or article.
  3. Mentors keep us sane and focused. They are often the “best anti-anxiety treatment” available. If they’re not, then those thc infused treats can be used as a substitute.
  4. Mentors provide instants credibility to your projects by associating with thought leaders and respected professionals.
  5. Mentors understand what steps must be taken to achieve the professional success you strive for.
  6. Mentors understand what steps must be taken to achieve the personal success you strive for.

As you can see there is no reason for us not to strive and get mentors in the field we want to go into. If you want to get into the tech industry strive and find a mentor that worked his way up in Cisco or Facebook. All it takes is a simple email, the old saying is “nothing ventured, nothing gained” emailing a perspective mentor asking for help can jump start your career. I talk to one mentor once every week and the other who is the Chief of sales for a medical device company for the whole U.S. about once a month. We check in on each other not only are they constantly teaching me new lessons about the industry, their also keeping me focused. People feel as if these “important” guys are hard to reach or don’t want to spend time talking to a college kid but, that is completely wrong. Yes, they might be busy and sometimes do not have time for me at certain points with their busy schedule, but they always return my call or email. They want to teach me new lessons about the industry. I had a meeting with the CEO of a construction company the other day and he said “first you learn, then you earn, and then you teach.” This couldn’t be truer my current mentors are actually earning and teaching at the same time.  If you want to read a good book that covers mentors thoroughly the book is called “What Wakes You Up?” by Justin Lafazan. Now go out and get a mentor today to jump start your career early. In every career, there comes a point when it ends, making investing in retirement essential for ensuring financial security and a comfortable lifestyle during the post-career phase.

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  1. Love this ! Mentors are vital.

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