Hey everyone, my name is Dan Tieman, and I want to thank you for reading my very first blog post right here on DanielTieman.com. Every Monday I will be adding value to you about how to increase sales and revenue in your own business. I am looking for companies who are just starting their businesses and needs advice in the business world. I have experience in the sales field and have taken many classes on sales. I can really help you grow as an entrepreneur and in your business

Every Monday when you join me on my own entrepreneurial voyage you will also be gaining insight on how to add revenue to your own business. I am doing the blog every Monday so you can implement my tips at the beginning of each week and see the results by Friday. Sales is the driving force behind any business. Every entrepreneur should be worried about their sales. Without sales businesses die, that is why this blog should be important to you. When you read the blog you will gain a better understanding of business and how it is always changing. I will be giving you examples straight from my own life and from holes I see in other companies around the world.

If you read every Monday you will not be disappointed, now you know a little about what I am doing, but who am I? I am senior college student from Chicago, but go to school in a small town in Iowa. Where I play lacrosse, am part of the marketing club, a marketing/sales major, work part time, and am a full time entrepreneur. I am starting my Voyage with a helpful hand of Brandon T Adams and his team. This is where my leap of faith happened. My first venture is this blog that I will be doing every Monday moving forward. In the near future I will be offering courses that can help you grow your own knowledge in business, add revenue to your business, and take you to the next level. I hope you join me this upcoming Monday October 24, for our first topic of many will be about “Mentors” and how we all should have one. As always life is too short not to be different.

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