How To Make Money While In College

How To Make Money While In College

How to make money while in college? This is probably the most googled question in someone’s college career. I know I have probably googled this question a thousand times while in my college career. But after googling this for so long and having so many failures I final have found the answer for anyone who is reading this. I have narrowed it down to the top 4 ways to make money while in college, these are not make money quick schemes, but instead a way you can utilize your time to bring in some extra money. Then maybe you can grow it into a million-dollar business, but like I said that will take time.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is something that is very interesting that incorporates my love of selling and my love for marketing. Basically affiliate marketing is you promote someone else product or service on your social media, website, or blog, then when some purchases from your link you make a commission. Ranging anywhere from 2-10% depending on who you are working with. But remember you need to build that following so when you post about the service or product people are willing to hit your link because you built a following and they trust you. This is a great way for someone with a huge social media following to make some extra cash on the side. People also do this full-time so even after college you can become a full time affiliate marketer just like Tai Lopez, I am not saying you will have the same results but it is possible.

2.Starting an online business

An online business is a great way to make money right form your dorm room. You can have a social media marketing business, or a freelance web design business. There is two ways I can think of going about this, first you can create your own business website and promote it and market it that or you can use this great site called this site is full of amazing freelancers doing what they love at affordable prices. If you can create a great service that you can use yourself online, you can bet that there are tons of people willing to pay for it.

3. Ecommerce

Ecommerce is the future, almost all business will be done online in the upcoming years. Ecommerce is a great way for a college student to make money, the best part is you don’t even need to have inventory anymore. With dropshipping inventory is a thing of the past, dropshipping is where you buy from a wholesaler and ship the product directly to your customer. So what kind of ecommerce store should you open? Well you can do a t-shirt store, jewelry store, novelty store, really any store you want. Then partner with a wholesaler so when the person orders the product through you, you then order the product through the wholesaler, that way you have less upfront cost.

4. Blogging

Blogging is another great way to make some extra money, all you need to do is find something you love to talk about, set up a basic WordPress site and start typing. This is something you will have to promote again, through social media so you can build a strong following. I have been blogging for a couple months because I love to talk about different aspects of business and how it is changing with the internet. Blogging is a great way to get your own personal message out there and start becoming an expert in different fields. After you build a following you can sponsor products or services on your blog and do JVs (joint ventures).


These are the 4 top ways to make money while in college. None of these will make you a millionaire overnight but with persistence over a period of time you might just make those millions. In college we have time, you might only have 1-3 classes a day and if you have more in one day I am guessing you have some days off during the week. So instead of people another video game, start earning some extra money and building your future. It only takes time and effort, if you fail at least you learned along the way.

Also check out Gary Vaynerchuck’s book all about social media and business.


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