The millennial generation…we are the group with the most eyes upon us.  People say we are lazy, would die without technology, and are the “entitled generation.”  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 75.4 million millennials, which surpasses our parents’ Baby Boomer generation.  Millennials have been called terrible names by older generations and videos have been made making fun of us.

I am a millennial who has a work ethic that is second to none.  I wake up early to work on personal development and stay up late, to help friends in California with their goals and aspirations. As a millennial I have a great chance of succeeding financially, spiritually, and family-based. All I need is my computer and an internet connection. The technology, for which they make fun of us, is what keeps our generation connected and even helps us sustain a living. Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet.  I view it not only as a way to connect with others, but also a great way to market products and services to millions, all at once. The millennial generation understands the use of these social networks that the generations before us do not.

I do see a lot of my friends receiving handouts from their parents, but only when they truly need help. As for myself, yes my mom does help me pay for college and gives me a place to stay when I return to my hometown.  Other than that, I pay for everything myself. I pay for car insurance, phone bill, gas, clothes, etc. We are not a lost generation. We are a generation that is on a budget, because a system tells us we need to take out loans of $40,000+ to afford something that is supposed to give us the job to pay off those loans. So when our parents help us, it is not because they are trying to keep us from being self-sufficient.  It is because they understand the amount of debt we are taking on for school is more than they could ever imagine.

Please do not give up on us just yet. I think in the upcoming years you will see many millennials freelance most of their work, instead of working a typical 9-5, because they want their independence. I also think ecommerce and other businesses will keep growing because we want to able to work anywhere in the world. We have the education and the degree(s) to back up what we say and over time, we will start to really stand out as a generation, as a result of the life we live with technological advances.


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