How Flying is just like Entrepreneurship

How Flying is just like Entrepreneurship

Flying is great you get go anywhere in the world for a PRICE, just like how in entrepreneurship you can do anything in the world for a PRICE. With flying it is physical cold cash, with entrepreneurship it is countless hours, restless nights, and handling failure. These two things enable you to do whatever you want in life if you are willing to pay the PRICE. Sometimes the price is cheaper which can be nice but the flight might be the best in the world, just like if you don’t work day in and day out you will not be a top entrepreneur.
For the past 3 days I have flown on 3 different planes and have visited 3 different cities thanks to the price I was willing to pay. I paid both prices the flight and the countless hours of work, restless nights, and failure in those 3 days. The thing is though that these 3 days have taught me more than 4 years at college, this is the “real world” entrepreneurship. But let’s dive on in how exactly flying is like entrepreneurship.
1. Buying into the vision
When you first decide to travel by plane anywhere you buy into the fact that you want to go there and that’s where you need to be. Just like when you first start in entrepreneurship you decided to change your mindset that you want to go on this journey of creating something great. You bought into this vision that you can do something like no one has done before you, from creating a podcast to blogging just like this. You need to envision in it and buy in.
2. Getting on board
When you starting going on your journey you arrive to the gate but you’re not alone, there are so many others that bought into this vision with you that they need to go somewhere also. As an entrepreneur you can’t succeed a lone, you need a team that will hop on board with you. This team can consist of a couple of you who have strengths in different areas to get this vision off the ground, but you need people to take this journey with you. They will be crucial to the experience as well as helping you along the way when you might want to go down a “rabbit hole.”
3. Take off
When an aircraft is about to take off and leave the ground it fills us with adrenaline hopping that everything will go off ok. Many of us know though that take off can be kind of shaky but it will leave the ground. This is when you decide to take your product or service off from a vision to actually happening. For a launch of any product or service it usually is very shaky not everything goes exactly as planned. Actually it never goes as planned something usually comes up that you have to adjust just a bit to make sure everything ends up ok.
4. In air
So finally you’re off the ground and now you can “sit back relax and enjoy your flight (insert any airline company name here).” But then half way through your flight you experience turbulence which can really scare people because they think the plane is going down. But usually you will experience the turbulence and keep going no problem. Just like your product or service you got it off the ground and now it’s smooth sailing, WRONG! You find out that really your product or service isn’t selling well or it was selling super well and now isn’t. These things will happen on most of your journeys as entrepreneurs you will be doing really just to find out one day your stopped and nothing is moving. But you have to keep going, you will power through it! When you have enough belief in your product or service you will be able to sell it to anyone, you just have to keep the belief even in the rough times.
5. Landing
As always all good things must come to an end if you are like me you never want to leave a plane you love the enjoyment of the ride but it will land and end. In business one day your product or service is ending and it might be gradually decline or an abrupt fall, but that’s OKAY. It happens to 90% of all entrepreneurs there ventures fail or they just gradually decline. You just need to end it lightly and not worry about the landing. Once again that might be shaky but you will land with the wheels rolling and on to your next thing.
6. Next flight
So now you have landed and your flight is over, what do you do? Do you relax a little bit at your destination and then hop on the next one or are you like me and jump on another plane to the next venture? In entrepreneurship you are always hopping on the next flight, you are constantly pivoting to the next thing to help grow your business, or you might completely change your plane and go to a brand new product or service. Both of these moves are great, it means you can handle the brief stand still but recover and move on.

One of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time is Jeff Bezos.  Do you know how much does jeff bezos make per minute? As per reports, Jeff Bezos earns $142,667 per minute. Bezos is one of the richest men in the world.

As an entrepreneur we have to move on but never forget, we have to take that next flight but remember how the last one was shaky and this one might be too. The only thing is you are better equipped for the next flight.

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