New Year, New Ways

New Year, New Ways

2017 just came super-fast and most people made New Year’s resolutions and gave themselves a list of twenty new goals. These goals and resolutions have your hopes that 2017 will be your best year yet, you are determined to make it the best year. The problem is most people do not even know where to get started on these goals, they think if they say them they will get them done. Yet the case is 99% of people will fall back in their old ways and nothing will change, that 1% that complete their goals will see the difference it had in their life.

The first step in setting goals is exactly that, set your goals not just simple ones that will take you a day to do but instead long term goals. Make sure your goals scare you, if they don’t their not big enough. You should have deep thought on your goals for the new year and how you will complete them. Some of my goals consist of making my one business 6-figures in its first year, make new and noteworthy for my podcast, and become a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine. These goals of mine are big goals, they are scary but I have a plan of action for each one, they’re focused, and have a time frame.

The next step is to write down those goals, when you write down your goals your mind sees it and believes you can do it. You have to write down your goals, because it allows you to visualize it, you can also break down that goal into smaller steps. My goals sit on my desk in open notebook so I see them every day, I work towards my goals every day. Besides writing them done another thing to do is post your goals on Facebook live so the world sees them and your friends will keep you accountable.

The final step on your goals is change your old habits and work. Most people fall into their same old habits, they will go back to sitting on the couch, watching tv, and taking naps. People who wanted to start their new blog will not and people who wanted to make 6-figures will instead fall really short. But if you change your ways, you can prevent this from happening, the easiest way to change your ways is to change your mindset. Mindset is one of the most important things in the world, if you have the right mindset the world can never hold you back.


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